Basketball Scene

by Stephen Longfellow Fiske

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Basketball Scene (Fiske) On Saturday they come out to play The short ones and the tall From uptown, downtown, all around They come to play basketball In their hoopster suits they gather and shoot In high-tops and in low They jive and bull ‘til the court gets full And the game ‘bout ready to go Then they’ll choose up sides, five on five It’s the court the winner’s earn It’s the loser’s fate to sit down and wait While the challengers take their turn chorus It’s a basketball scene, do you know what I mean? Could be down the schoolyard up or up in a gym Where shootin’ hoops is a happenin’ thing Basketball scene, whoa oh oh oh oh oh, Basketball scene There ain’t no refs so they call their own You know the game gets rough Much time is spent in argument Like lawyers struttin’ their stuff When elbows deal and bodies reel And hot sweat drips and shines In the intensity anyone can see There’s more than a game on the line Repeat chorus On Saturday they come out to play By noon the best are there Then it’s a better treat than a garden seat As that rock flies through the air Why there’s green-eyed Frank who’s built like a tank With more moves than a babblin’ brook And there’s Nate the great who’s six foot eight The pros gave him a look And there’s Wide Clyde whose game’s inside And owns the boards with ease And there’s talkin’ Harry whose commentary Doesn’t always mean to please repeat chorus It’s a happenin’ thing In every city and every town You can find the courts, you can hear the sounds Of the ball bouncin’, the players playin’ This is what I’m sayin’, Come on out, catch a run Play your game baby have some fun Fake n’ bake take it to the hole Finish strong with a finger roll Shoot from downtown let it fly Nothin’ but net, baby, in your eye Catch a bound, make the outlet pass Run the break, bank it off the glass Get a rip, turn the tide Feed it to the man slam dunkin’ inside Find your rhythm, on your hops You’re in a zone, you can’t be stopped Repeat chorus
The Heart of the Game (Fiske/Fasman/Blaisch) There’s a kid down the street He got basketball eyes He got basketball dreams Burnin’ inside When he shoots in his drive-way lost in fantasy He’s hittin’ clutch shots on national TV He got basketball heroes All the kings of the court He’ll grow to be like them At the top of the sport He’ll rise through the ranks From the playground to the pros And keep that kid in him Wherever he goes Chorus ‘Cause there’s a kid at the heart of the game All around the world There are kids who dream the same Fly down the floor, take to the sky Live the dream, and no one can deny There’s a kid at the heart, at the heart of the game There’s a man down the street Silver hair, gettin’ old He was once quite a player So it’s been told And he sees that young kid And he watches him grow And he wonders If that kid will come to know: Just what it takes To be the best To rise to the challenge To take on the test To reach deep inside For that warrior’s pride For that zone to be in That will to win Will to win, will to win Repeat chorus
Old School 02:48
Old School (Fiske) He got gray in his hair He got aches in his bones He got bad ankles and shot knees But he still got his Basketball Jones He still laces up those high-tops He still pulls on those old shorts He still goes out to play in the pick-up games At the local court He’s rich in his memories Of back in the day When he could run with anyone They say that he could play He’s a livin’ legend Everybody knows his name The young bucks call him “Old School” Old School still got game He’s lost a big step or two He can’t sky up off the floor That great quickness, speed, and agility Just ain’t there no more That once youthful physicality Now gets so tired and sore Each time he plays he knows his days Got Father Time knockin’ at the door Yeah, Father Time got a full court press on you, Old School But he will fight with the winner’s will His Spirit will not fade He’s learned his basketball lessons well He knows of what he’s made It’s not about being in your face It’s about the love of the game Be a good sport, leave it on the court Win or lose, no blame no shame Be poised and play with confidence Always give it all you got Play team ball and strong defense Take the high percentage shot Let the game come to you Don’t rush, box out, rebound Square up, release, follow through Play fundamentally sound Yeah, Old School, fundamental He may be old, he may be slow But he’s still got a trick or two You better guard him closely Or he can make a fool of you For all those hours on the court He’ll live with no regret When that final buzzer sounds he’s earned The Basketball God’s respect He got gray in his hair He got aches in his bones He got bad ankles and shot knees But he still got his Basketball Jones He’s a livin’ legend Everybody knows his name The young bucks call him “Old School” Old School still got game
Lisa 03:44
Lisa (Fiske/Fasman) Lisa grew tall, long and lean As gifted an athlete as anyone’s seen With competitive fire, powerful will The drive and desire for perfecting her skill In a great career, she became All-American A star in the WNBA Four-time Olympian, gold-medal champion Playin’ for the USA Chorus Take the talent and run, Take the talent and run, Take it to the top, take it the limit Take the talent and run When Lisa retired, her playin’ days done She turned a new chapter, time to move on As a broadcaster, team owner, entrepreneur, Still in the game, still settin’ standards for sure Repeat chorus Lisa, while she played Began a family A homemaker and a wife Mother of two, makin’ a good life Makin’ dreams come true Repeat chorus Lisa stands tall as a basketball star A role model showin’ you can go far When you stand in your power Be strong in your quest Play a complete game, compete with the best Repeat chorus
Little Man 03:02
Little Man (Fiske) He’s five foot six, not bound by size Can play basketball with any man alive Can twist and twirl like Earl the Pearl Can handle the ball like Chris Paul Can run and gun and jump through the sky Money time, he’s the go to guy Chorus Little man, believin’ that you can The ball is in your hands, little man He’s lighting quick, he’s a thief on D He can drive and dish, knock down a three Movin’ and fakin’ and drivin’ that lane Electrifyin’ the crowd in a big man’s game Repeat Chorus Little man, we can all root for you You’re like David takin’ on that Goliath That he slew Oh little man, we can all relate to you You’re the underdog, long-shot guy Who makes big dreams come true Repeat Chorus Well they said that he was just too small To make the grade playin’ basketball Well he proved them wrong and set them straight That little man keeps playin’ great It’s not just the size that sets him apart It’s all about the size of the heart Repeat Chorus
He's A Big 03:19
Big Man (Fiske) He’s big, strong, don’t say much 6’ 6”, 260, they call him “Clutch” His game’s down low, he’s the go-to cat It’s the bucket or the foul, you can count on that He owns the boards, he owns the lane You don’t go down there if you don’t like pain He’s a big, big man, he’s a big He got shoulders like boulders, elbows like bricks Hands like a vice, legs oak-tree thick When he sets a screen, it’s a concrete wall Guys bounce off him like a pin-ball He’s the enforcer, the mountain on the floor Owns the gym when he walks in the door He’s a big, big man, he’s a big One day Clutch met his match From cross-town. They call him “Satch” Satch’s 6’9”, 284 Got good skills, can run the floor Played pro ball overseas Now he’s lookin’ for a job with an NBA team He’s a big, big man, he’s a big The two got ballin’, sweat flyin’ Body’s bangin’, Clutch looked like he’s dyin’ Satch wore him out, right down to the bone But underneath Clutch held his own The two warriors battled, when the games were done Clutch shook his hand, said “thanks for the run” He’s a big, big man, he’s a big He’s big, strong, don’t say much 6’ 6”, 260, they call him “Clutch” He looks real mean and his game is rough But off the court, he a sweet cream-puff He’s a family man, takes care of his own Look out for his son, when he’s fully grown He’s a big, big man, he’s a big
Lady of the Court (Fiske) Saturday mornin’ she rises outta bed Sips some coffee, stretches, Shakes the sleepy out of her head In t-shirt and shorts and high-tops She steps out on the stoop Jogs down to the playground Where the guys are shootin’ hoops Chorus She got pig-tails, 5’4” Can handle herself on the basketball floor She knows all the weekend warrior’s names Down at the park in the pick-up games Basketball’s her sport She’s the Lady of the Court The guys all greet her They always treat her nice They’ve come to respect her Gutsy woman breakin’ the ice In a man’s basketball culture She has earned her spot You can’t take her lightly She can make her shots Repeat chorus Ooo Lalalala she just loves to play Ooo gets a workout every Saturday Enjoys hangin’ out, horsin’around with the guys Talkin’ sports and politics and life With that sweet sparkle in her eye Repeat chorus Saturday afternoon Her makeover becomes unfurled As she dresses up for an evening out Far from that basketball world Those guys would not recognize her In make up, short skirt, and high heels She’s a woman, she’s accomplished She is awesome, she’s for real Repeat chorus
Go For It 04:44
Go For It (Fiske) Chorus Go for it, give it everything you got You gotta go for it, give it your best shot Come on and Go for it, give it everything you got You may not think that you get too much But you just might get a lot If the world’s got you down You’re wearin’ a frown And nothin’ is goin’ right The sun won’t come out You’re clouded with doubt Cannot see the light It’s when the goin’ gets tough That your love gets goin’ Hang in there when you’re hardest hit It’s never too late to keep the faith Hold on to your dreams and don’t quit and sing… Repeat chorus If you got a dream, deep in your heart Something that’s callin’ to you Like that unfinished script, that fabulous trip That success you aspire to You wanna win the game, make the hall of fame Win a championship ring or two You wanna pass the test, be at your best Here’s what you gotta do Repeat chorus


Basketball Scene is years of basketball experience in narrative song, descriptive of the culture of pick-up ball, basketball's foundation.

Award winning singer/songwriter/author/poet and producer Stephen Longfellow Fiske is an American original. Accompanied by his rhythmic acoustic guitar playing, Fiske’s unique style of poetic, melodic songs, and storytelling has led him to perform and lecture widely across the US and abroad.

Fiske was a basketball player in high school and attended college at NYU on a basketball scholarship. He has written a number of songs primarily descriptive of the basketball culture of pick-up games, and has now compiled these songs into his tenth CD, Basketball Scene, combining his love of basketball and music. In Basketball Scene, Fiske taps into his basketball experiences and brings his adept skills of observation of the culture of basketball, along with a lifetime of poetic songwriting, production and musicality, to create a unique work of contemporary folk/pop. Basketball Scene stands apart in its originality and narrative as a colorful, inspirational work in painting pictures, giving profiles, and telling stories.


released November 1, 2013

Stephen Longfellow Fiske - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Barry Fasman - Keyboards
Oliver Brown - Percussion
Jeff Breeh - Bass, Electric Guitar
Hal Ratliff - Piano
Crystal Davis - BG Vocals
Richard Hardy - Flute
Christo Pallani - Timbali, Percussion


all rights reserved



Stephen Longfellow Fiske Los Angeles, California

Musician, Poet, Author, Producer, Husband, Father, Basketball Guy.

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